Powers-China Explained What and How Solar Energy Works

What is solar energy?

From the word itself, solar energy comes from our sun. For hundreds and thousands of years, humans have been using the sun in a lot of ways. Growing crops, lighting us for centuries, giving us heat and converting sun to electricity. The solar energy nyc is one of the best and known installers since it has been introduced to present community. Solar panel works by collecting sunlight¬† and convert it to electricity. Inverters convert the solar power to usable electricity. Back of each solar panel contains and inverter that converts DC electricity. Going now to net meter, AC electricity now flows from the solar panel through wire and cables going to your net meter.¬†It is really possible for solar energy to light up the whole world. But going on there isn’t that easy. We need to make a huge leap away from fossil fuels first which will not be that easy. If you are wondering how solar panels work. Solar panels don’t need a direct sunlight for it to work. It still can produce some electricity even if it’s cloudy.